How DCREIA Members Make Money In Real Estate Investing…



“How DC-REIA Members Make Money From Real Estate Right Now!”

The Following Are Verified Case Studies Of DC-REIA Members Sharing Their Personal Stories And Insider’s Secrets To Gaining Local Real Estate Investor Knowledge, Creating Wealth, and Making Money In Real Estate In The DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia Region…

(The following results are not the typical results people get when they attend the average REIA meeting. If

you want outstanding results, you need to be a part of an outstanding organization, like the Greater

Washington, DC Real Estate Investor Association Club, known as DC-REIA.)

Marissa Gentry | Washington, DC

"I just graduated from college a year ago and I've already cashed a $50,000 check working for myself as a real estate investor..."

Bashir Badru | Washington, DC

"Real estate investing gives me the power to spend more time with my family and take control of my life..."

Selim Ibrahim | Fairfax, VA

"Joining this club makes all the difference in getting deals done, because everyone and everything you need can be found at DCREIA!"

Josh Cohen | Falls Church, VA

The training that I received from Sherman and DCREIA changed my life forever. Once I got my first deal, I never looked back!

The Galyeans | Huntingtown, MD

We were surrounded by resources and experienced investors at DCREIA that helped us get our first deal done!

Bill Reddick | Washington, DC

"Thanks to what I learned at DCREIA, I made $150,000 in 6 months on 1 deal!"

Dorothy Jackson | Alexandria, VA

"I had a few stumbling blocks, but DCREIA would NOT let me give up!"

Delphina Jennings | Brentwood, MD

"The national gurus gave me 'basic' information. DCREIA gave me hands on experience to help get my first deal done"

The Corley Family | Hyattsville, MD

"DCREIA taught us the team approach and showed us step-by-step how to close our first rehab property!"

Alishea (Paris) Bunkley | Washington, D.C.

"DCREIA gave me the confidence to do my very first rehab deal... in less than a year!"

Apprentice Team 4 | Realinvestors® Apprentice Program

"We closed on our first deal and won a tropical vacation! Thanks DCREIA!"

Stuart Dukemann | Manassas, VA

"I love DC-REIA! They helped me get started and then buy my first office building."

Bob Allwein | Baltimore County, Maryland

"4 phone calls, 3 days, and coming to DC-REIA was all it took!"

Kathleen and Erin Harrison | Edgewater, MD

"Thank you DC-REIA! You gave us the best day of our investing career!"

Jonathan Rundlett | Silver Spring, MD

"I was scared stiff, but I found DC-REIA and I've closed 7 deals since! "

Thomas Allen | Washington, D.C.

"DC-REIA put me on the front page of the Washington Post!"

Kayo Nagasaki | Dale City, VA

"Sherman and DC-REIA are with me every step of the way"

Chanel and Joe Hardnett |Washington, D.C.

"DC-REIA provided everything we needed to get this deal done fast and easy!"

Jerry Doremus | Columbia, MD

"I couldn't imagine owning property 6 months ago, but DC-REIA made it happen!"

Valerie Scott | Baltimore, MD

"Since joining DC-REIA my real estate business has tripled!"

Lisa Wood | Gambrills, MD

"With DC-REIA's guidance I'm on the path to becoming financially free!"

Rikita Peebles | Crofton, MD

"As a real estate agent, I had a great desire to learn from the best. DC-REIA is hands down the best real estate group!"

Deborah Diehlmann |Annapolis, MD

"With DC-REIA and the tools they give you, I finally got past the butterflies in my stomach."

Paul Burley | Lanham, MD

"DC-REIA gave me the skills to flip my first house. My job is no way near as exciting!"

Rob Bailey | Capitol Heights, MD

"My broker told me this would never work, but DC-REIA showed me the way. Now my broker begging me to teach her how to do it!"

Howard Johnson | Alexandria, VA

"I did exactly what they said to do, step-by-step and got a check in 14 days."

Cedric Davis | Mt. Rainier, MD

"There's a lot of priceless information here at DC-REIA, you just can't find anywhere else!"